Gather Data, Evidence and Case Studies to Transform Data-Driven Drug Development

Pioneering Speakers Include

Emma Laing.png

Emma Laing
Lead Bioinformatician in Neuroscience and Principal Research Scientist
Eli Lilly

George Papadatos
Director of Discovery Data Strategy, R&D

Philipp Diesginer.png

Philipp Diesinger
Global Chief Data Scientist
Boehringer Ingelheim

Philippe Marc.png

Philippe Marc
Director, Global Head of Integrated Data Science

Martin Romacker
Principal Scientist, pREDi, Data Information Architecture in Technical Solution Delivery, Roche Pharma Research and Early Development

Paul Agapow.png

Paul Agapow
Director, Health Informatics

Peter Speyer
Global Head of Digital, Medical and RWE Solutions

Olivier Leconte.png

Olivier Leconte
Global Head of Statistical Programming & Analysis

James Dunbar.png

James Dunbar
Senior Bioinformatics Data Scientist

Victor Neduva.png

Victor Neduva
Programme Lead, Merck Research Labs UK

Abel Archundia Pineda.png

Abel Archundia Pineda
Global Head of IT, BP

Xose Fernandez.png

Xosé Fernández
Chief Data Officer
Institut Curie

A great opportunity to get inside the minds of leading thinkers in leveraging data science and IT to create new drugs.
— Steve Hoang, Head of Computational Biology, Hemoshear Therapeutics

Why Attend


Data, Evidence, Case Studies

Air-headed, conceptual talks that dominate other data events are banned. At D4, every talk is a data/evidence-driven case designed to provoke and expand the possibilities of your own research and development.


Pioneering Speaker Faculty

Hear from the most impressive pharma-focused speaker line-up ever assembled for an event on this topic, on a diverse array of subjects tackling THE critical problems in drug development.


Senior, Intimate Networking

This is a small, senior meeting with expansive networking sessions and time to connect with other attendees, initiate conversations and build lasting relationships among peers.



D4 has been designed to impact the bottom line, tackling crucial problems and prioritizing near-term solutions that will positively impact R&D efficiency and effectiveness in the short-term.


Built by Pharma, for Pharma

Talks and speakers have been carefully curated by a close-knit network representing every one of the top 25 pharma companies. Agenda sessions are the result of pain-staking research and prioritization.


Two Worlds Collide

D4 brings together biopharma technical/IT professionals (“enablers”) who build biodata capabilities with scientists (“doers”) who are using new data-driven systems to solve problems in drug development.

I made more new contacts at the D4 conference than at any conference over the past couple of years.
— Peter Henstock, Senior Data Scientist, Pfizer

D4 Features Data/Evidence Driven Case Studies in the Following Areas:


Getting the Most Out of Biodata

  • Biodata integration

  • Data landscaping

  • FAIR, achieving ROI and making the business-case for investment

  • Harnessing complex data sets

  • Applying AI/ML/ANN approaches

  • Automated knowledge management and building/leveraging knowledge graphs

  • Transforming data into knowledge

  • How to build a biopharma company from scratch in a new data-driven era


The Healthcare Data Ecosystem

  • Leveraging healthcare data from the many siloes that exist

  • Planning for the growing role of the patient.

  • Predicting patient response using machine learning techniques

  • Market access and convincing payors

  • Driving new insights and treatments for cancer

  • Accelerating interoperability


Target Discovery and Validation

  • Omics data-driven target discovery

  • Leveraging genetic-driven insights

  • The role of AI/ML in target ID

Drug development.png

Enhancing Drug Discovery and Development

  • How to ‘surf on the data lake’

  • Data flows, FAIRness and integration in the context of drug discovery

  • Enhancing the progression from compounds into hits/leads

  • Using advanced analytics and AI

  • Re-thinking drug design via AI

  • Phenotypic approaches to accelerate discovery

Filling gaps.png

Filling Gaps in Translational Research

  • Drug repurposing

  • Method benchmarking

  • Human models

  • Interpretation of Real-World Data

  • Data-driven problem solving

  • Using Artificial Neural Networks to gain clinically actionable insights

A great blend of topics around data-driven drug discovery bringing people from different domains close to each other.
— Martin Romacker, Principal Scientist, Roche